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German Burger Kings?! ;-)

The dream is behind the cut not because it contains any triggers or because it's offensive, I just don't want to take up a lot of space on everyone's friend's list. :-)

My drummer Ryan and I *broke* into Burger King when it was closed (mid-afternoon, crazy, huh? ;-)), and we stole a bunch of plates, something else I don't remember, and the big, plastic light up sign that reads Burger King (the one they usually have outside), only it was above the counter inside. My entire school was out on the football field eating at long tables they had set up, and the dean of my school starts announcing that, "If the people who had just robbed Burger King didn't step forward, there'd be hell to pay." I was running around all nervous and saw the sign in a plastic garbage bag beneath one of the tables. And that's all I remember.
Other than the fact that the entire dream was in German. But I'm only in German 1, so it wasn't *really* German. But, gah. That's the second German dream in a week - the first one I was pregnant >.< Can anyone make anything out of this Burger King dream? Or just the fact that I'm dreaming in "German"? ;-) Thanks XD

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