Invisable Man (realmsol) wrote in d_dream,
Invisable Man

Lucid Dreaming and Bliss

Hello Everyone,

I'm no stranger to lucid dreaming. I'd say I have been lucid dreaming since about age 8 on up, and it happens usually 3 to 5 times in a year. It always happens spontaneously with me. I've not quite mastered self producing lucid dreaming whenever I'd like; deffinitely a work in progress there. However, the past three times I've become lucid, I've been experiencing a tremendous bliss wash over me.

Basically this is what happens:
Something happens within the dream that jolts me lucid. After becoming lucid I begin to consciously turn my dream body into a clear white light, sometimes it'll become invisible. I then enter into my heart, which basically means that I think about moving all of my energy, into my heart (i.e. heart chakra).

After entering into my heart,
I explode with bliss.

The bliss itself transcends all of the physical pleasures I've experienced be it food, music, sex, etc. The closest I can say it comes to is either when I am in a deep calm from meditation, or if I have taken a psychedelic (weed, shrooms, etc), but even then, the bliss seems to transcend these experiences.

Usually what happens next is that I'll begin to think inside of the bliss,
and slowly I'll physically wake up. I always find my physical body still tingling afterwards.

The first time it happened, I wondered if I'd be able to reproduce it or if it was a one time deal. So far I've been able to reproduce it two other times.

I was wondering if anyone has had a simmilar experience to this or would be willing to try and reproduce this bliss experience and write back to me-

I'm curious to know if this bliss experience has some objectivity to it. I've come across some information reading into Tibetan Dream Yoga, that offers some explination (this is originally what gave me the idea to turn my dream body into a clear white light). Also, I've read that the heart chakra is known to produce blissful ecstasy (which is why after turning myself clear white light i enter into the heart). However, I've yet to meet another person "face to face" who has also confirmed what I've experienced by experiencing it themself.

Best Wishes to all,
and keep on Lucid Dreaming!
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