Sky (blujewel) wrote in d_dream,

wedding bells????

well, I don't remember all my dreams somehow but when I do I am amazed at how twisted or weird they are... i have nothing much to report. I dreamt of being my cousin's bridesmaid (once again) and I knew that in the dream (that I was her bridemaid once already) ... I don't remember seeing my cousin's face but I remember making sure her reall long veil (or train - forgot what it's called) wasn't all crushed and that I didn't step on it - unlike last time *teehee*

Boring dream really but then again, it's one of those rare occasion that I do remember something
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I normally don't see the people's faces too.....but I am always pretty sure who they are. That's weird.

Deleted comment

I never dreamt about this.
I stepped on her train in real life when I was her bridesmaid (in 2001)

It's funny that I dreamt about this :P