~* Amanda *~ (carrot_mistress) wrote in d_dream,
~* Amanda *~


Do you own a dreamcatcher? Or are you thinking of buying one? What do you think of them...Do they have any meaning? Do they actually work or are they just another gimick?

I have a dreamcatcher. But it isnt one of the mass produced showy glitsy ones. My aunt went on holiday to India and met an old lady who made her own. She crafted the wood with her hands and only a small tool like a screwdriver and attached feathers and the like to it. Then she like chanted over it and told my aunt it would bring her good luck if she hung it over the centre of her bed, and not over her pillows like most people do.

My aunt gave it to me, and I've had it just over a year now and have had hardly any nightmares. Whereas before I used to have quite awful nightmares. Now I'm not sure if it is actually anything to do with the dreamcatcher or if it is more psychological. The mind is afterall a very powerful thing.
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