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Paroahs and all

So the dream started me with my best friend Micha (whom I am not in recent contact), walking near the sea, taking me to a place I was searching. She knew where I had to go but i was not sure of the exact location. However in the end she decided to take me to this other friend of mine, cause it was a long time we didn't stay all 3 together. And she decided that I should swim, but I had an important thing to do and couldn't stay. Micha kept throwing water on me, and she got me all soaked up. I was a bit angry because she wasn't helping me in my searches so I left. At the end I reached my destination. It was a roman house in which the garden is at the centre, and all the rooms where around it. Each room was the residence for different Pharaohs, each with a different nationality(?!?!). There were asian paroahs, egyptian Pharaohs, etc etc. My job was to go around each room, unnoticed, and use to sea shells to sort of liberate the bad spirit from these Pharaohs. The job was rather difficult, cause my shells broke into pieces, and I couldn't manage to do all the rooms without being unnoticed. However the Asian Pharaohs, where on my side, and helped me not to get caught. The dream stopped there though!! anti climax...but I am happy that I managed to remember one!!!
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