EVRMOOR (aztlan) wrote in d_dream,

ok, see if someone can decipher this one

i think this is only half of the dream, but its all i remember. it was after dinner, and i was playing an old iron maiden song on my acoustic guitar with a red peice of plastic that looked like that liked like a frito chip. then as i was playing (this is at home by the way) my supervisor from work as me and my brother in law to give him a hand with something. my brother in law said "get vinnie to do it". i was still playing but i stopped because kevin (my supervisor) had a dejected look on his face. he was was cleaning up dinner and taking care of some left over fried chicken. i kept asking him what he needed, but he refused to answer me. then i noticed that someone else, i dont know who it was, was scraping fried chicken skin off of a frying pan onto a plate, then i said "oooooooo i love fried chicken skin".

and then i woke up.
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