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Got a dream? We want to hear about it!

dream community
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Dreams can be the starting point for all things wonderful because they are not tied down by reality..they can tell a lot about people, that is where your subconscious can run wild!

This is an unmoderated community for all those of you who like dreaming & like sharing dreams.. as weird as they might be!

We are interested in:
discussing dreams: what do they mean?
knowing ourselves better
working out our inner conflicts through our dreams
recurring/childhood dreams
ways to remember your dreams better
dreams: a message from beyond?
dream info/trivia/stories/jokes

So, if you had a weird, funny dream last night and you can't get round head around what meaning it may hold, feel free to join us and who knows we could come to some interesting conclusions!

Just a few rules:
1. No foul language
2. No gratuitous accounts of 'wet dreams' :P
3. This is not the place to take the piss out of people posting here! :P These posts might be of a personal nature, so respect is vital
4. We are interested in any of the above!
5. You don't need to be a member of this community to post, but it would be great to get to know who's posting

Any suggestions/constructive criticism very welcome :)