Heather (mountainheather) wrote in d_dream,

I just joined this community...

My dream involved a giant theme-like park in extreme darkness. It was frigidly cold. I was there with my family, and other family members and friends kept on showing up.

There were bright blue lights all across the sky. They were sometimes hard to see, but they were really pretty. It started to snow.

There was a ski lift type thing up in the air. It was moving really, really fast. We all had to promise to each other that we wouldn't ride it. ...Right then, one of them came off the cable and crashed into the ground, as it whipped around a turn in the cable.

...We all got separated, I was in a cabin that we were renting [kind of like the places we would stay when we went to NH]. Some kids came to the door, they were trick-or-treating. I felt bad, I had no candy. Then my little bro came out of a back room with a candy bag of his own, and he gave each of the kids a piece of his candy without being asked.

Then I was back outside, most of my family was back together again. Someone was missing. All of a sudden the sun came up. It was hazy, and dark, and you couldn't actually see the sun. But it was light out, like daytime. ...I looked at my watch, it was 1130 at night. We decided it was because of our location. ...My little brother and cousin and another second cousin went off to play with some polar bears. . . .Then I woke up.
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